Standard Terms and Conditions

    1. Installation

      EVChargeBox Ltd Terms and Conditions cover what is included in the standard installation package* of £299 per 7kW charge point, assuming that you qualify for the OLEV grant, and the cost of any anticipated extras identified in the initial survey. If you require an alternative charging solution then there will be additional costs.

      We try as much as possible to identify any additional costs prior to the installation. However, unforeseen issues could be encountered during the installation that incur extra costs, or result in an aborted visit charge. In order to avoid any additional costs please let us know as soon as you are aware of anything that might hinder the installation.

    2. The EVChargeBox standard installation package* includes:
    3. 30 minute survey prior to the installation to identify any potential issues and additional costs.
    4. 2 hour installation.
    5. Fitting of 1 x Rolec 32A 7kW Type 2 Smart Socket to a brick or plaster wall, or suitable permanent structure.
    6. Up to 10 meters of cable, run and clipped to the wall from the distribution board to the charging socket.
    1. Conditions

    2. Cost/meter for extra cable length above 10 meters is £10 per meter.
    3. If the cable needs to run under floorboards, ceilings, or flooring this will incur additional costs that will be identified at the survey stage and agreed prior to the installation.
    4. Should your current electrical installation not meet UK legal requirements then the following may need to be fitted:
      1. New 1 Way Board, fitted. Garage Unit – Main Switch Only at £195.00 – RCD switch at £195.00 including 16mm tails parts, NICEIC Cert and labour. THIS ITEM IS SUBJECT TO A DNO CUT OUT FUSE BEING ALREADY INSTALLED.
      2. Henley block, fitted. £40.00 parts and labour.
      3. Gas, water, or earth bonding up to 5m and £10/m thereafter. £55.00 including Labour, 10mm bonding and no.1 earth clamp.
      4. Main Earth Block – 8 way £35.00 parts and labour
      5. Cost/hour over and above the 2 hour standard slot. In most cases installation will be completed within 2 hours but if delays are encountered then the customer will be liable to pay £22.50 plus vat per 15mins after the initial 2 hours.
      6. Aborted visit (non-warranty callout). No charge if 48 hours’ notice given. £100 charge for 24 hours’ notice or less.
      7. Customer to provide parking and welfare facilities.
    1. Warranty

    2. All of EVChargeBox’s charge points are covered by a 3 year warranty on parts and labour. However, in the rare event of equipment failure please contact us at
    3. When reporting a fault please quote the serial number of the charger, date of installation, and provide a brief explanation of the fault. Our engineers will attempt to rectify the fault remotely but if not possible then we will contact you to arrange a call out if necessary.
    4. The warranty will be considered void if the installation is modified or repaired by anyone other than one of our approved installers.
    1. Limitation of Liability

    2. EVChargeBox accepts no liability for any damage, loss, or costs associated with the use of misuse of our charge points other than that caused by our installer’s negligence. All works are covered by £5 million public and £10 million employers’ insurances.